Christmas in Puerto Princesa Palawan; The Underground River & Christmas & New Year Deals

Boracay has long been held as the place to take your Christmas and New Year Family Vacation but, during the last two years, visitor numbers to Puerto Princesa have increased significantly. 

It is with this in mind that those in the travel industry are encouraging travellers to book ahead to avoid disappointment; especially if visitors also intend to visit the World Famous Underground River, at Sabang, as part of their holiday

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The Underground River, also known as Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River National Park, is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, was awarded 7th New Natural Wonder of the World status in 2013, and is located 50 kilometres north of the city proper.  The river is now believed to be the World’s second longest navigable underground river, at 8.2 kilometres. General Tours, however, only cover the first 1.5 kilometres, which takes around 40 minutes.  The Underground River Authority have tested allowing greater numbers of visitors and deeper travel, further into the river, but assessments highlighted that not only did navigation became more difficult but there was also a negative impact on the unique fauna, flora and bat and swallow population of the caves and area. 

General Entrance Permit restrictions therefore apply, to keep any impact, by visitors to the cave, to a minimum. This mostly takes the form of maximum visitor numbers each day but visitors are also only allowed one visit a month. 

The Underground River Tour itself is only 40 minutes, but there is some waiting around and you will be away from Puerto Princesa for a whole day; the journey from the City to Sabang takes around 2 hours, the final paperwork elements and scheduling of your visit is undertaken on arrival by your tour guide, and you may take lunch before boarding a banca to take you to the entrance site.  From there you will again await your turn to board the wooden kayaks that will be your viewing platform as you’re paddled down the River. Whilst waiting your turn to board the Banca at Sabang, you can wander around some of the food and drink stalls, as well as the souvenir stalls and whilst waiting to board your kayak for the tour itself, you will likely be entertained by the antics of the the Long-tailed Macaque’s and, if you’re really lucky, you might see a Tabon Scrub Fowl or a Palawan Hornbill.

December through to February are one of the busiest times for the Underground River Authority and if your main reason for visiting Puerto Princesa is to take this tour, you should book a minimum of 2 months in advance of your trip.  This is not the ploy of travel agencies and marketing but the reality.  Other Super Peak Times for this tour are Chinese New Year, Holy Week and the ‘Summer’ months of April and May.

The Underground River, is not the only reason to visit Puerto Princesa, which is the capital of Palawan and often called ‘City in the Forest’. The city has been acclaimed several times as the cleanest and greenest city in the whole of the Philippines and has a wide range of attractions, ranging from beaches and beautiful islands to wildlife reserves. The Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour is another popular activity for visitors.  

Puerto Princesa is a nature lover’s paradise and, in keeping with its green image, smoking is not permitted at any of its tourist spots such as The Underground River, Mitra’s Ranch, Baker’s Hill and Binuatan Creatives, with heavy fines levied for those who are caught smoking or disposing of their cigarettes and cigars irresponsibly.

Image Bakers Hill                          Image Binuatan Weaving Centre


Deals & Promo’s currently on offer for Puerto Princesa:-

Puerto Princesa Early Bird Christmas New Year Promo  For Bookings Placed between June 11-July 31st 2014 ONLY!

Dates of Stay December 1 2014 – 31st January 2015.  Inclusions:-

  • 4 Nights/5 Days Accommodation, with breakfast, at Balay Tuko Garden Inn
  • Airport Transfer to hotel
  • Honda Bay Island Tour
  • Half Day City Tour
  • Firefly Watching Tour
  • Underground River Tour


Puerto Princesa 2 Nights/3 Day Accommodation with Tour

Package Inclusions:-

  • Standard Accommodation for 2 people
  • Airport Transfer to hotel
  • Tour of your choice (Underground River Tour, Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour or Irawan Eco Adventure & Zipline Tour)


Puerto Princesa Low Season Adventure Package  For Dates of Stay between June-November 2014

  • 3 Nights/4 Days Accommodation at Casa Mila Inn
  • Airport Transfer to hotel
  • Honda Bay Island Tour
  • Half Day City Tour
  • Firefly Watching Tour