High-End Palawan Hotels – Apulit Island Resort

apulit island resort palawan hotelsIf you are a very choosy traveler that expects only the best service, complete hotel amenities and a great location in Palawan, you might want to consider the Apulit Island resort.

This is one of the few luxury Palawan hotels located in Taytay Palawan. It has 50 over-water resort suites. The resort sits on a sprawling beachfront property with its own private cove.

Wildlife and sea-life are unspoilt ad guests will enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving in the area. These amenities are offered by the hotel as well as sailboarding, fishing and crabbing. Those who want to explore wildlife on land can job or walk around the complex and nearby hiking trails.

apulit island resort palawan hotels el nidoRooms are well appointed with luxurious amenities that give off both a modern feel and traditional comfort. The resort also offers al fresco dining with a view of the ocean and island forests.

If you are looking for luxury hotels in El Nido Palawan, you will surely want to consider alternative Palawan Hotels in nearby islands that also offer the same. if not better accommodations.


Luxury Hotels in El Nido Palawan on the Beachfront

EL Nido Waterfalls

EL Nido Waterfalls

If you expect to stay at only the best Palawan hotels, you might want to consider staying at the El Nido Beach Hotel in Cadlao Island.

This is one of the most luxurious hotels in El Nido Palawan that offers beachfront accommodations with fantastic views of lush forests, limestone cliffs and the sunset.

This hotel is also known to serve excellent Japanese and Western Cuisine with a restaurant next to the ocean. It offers standard, deluxe and family rooms at reasonable prices considering the luxurious accommodations and location. Many of the hotel’s rooms offer a view of the ocean and islets surrounding Cadlao Island.

El Nido Beach Hotel Dining Area

El Nido Beach Hotel Dining Area

The El Nido Beach Hotel offers activities such as island hopping, scuba diving, cliff climbing and a land tour to explore the hot springs, waterfalls and caves of El Nido. Of all the hotels in EL Nido Palawan, this beach-side resort is known for its excellent service and amenities. It is also one of the favorite Palawan hotels of business travelers, families and couples.

Luxury Hotels in El Nido Palawan – Lagen Island Resort

lagen island resort palawan - CopyIf you are looking for luxury accommodations in Palawan, you should check out the Lagen Island Resort in El Nido. The hotel is nestled between a lagoon and a 4 hectare forest giving guest the ultimate tranquil surroundings, a great view and the perfect luxury vacation setting with a lot of privacy.

The resort offers a great view of the El Nido sunset. The surrounding forest dotted with limestone cliffs provide breathtaking views and a sanctuary for Palawan’s animals and birds. It is a great place to stay for those who appreciate natural wildlife and beauty.

lagen island resort palawanLagen Island Resort offers a number of luxury amenities such as an in-house spa, a massage service, a gourmet restaurant, a swimming pool and a library. It is also a great venue for island weddings since the resort already has a garden chapel and conference room that can also serve as a wedding reception area. The clubhouse is equipped with Wi-Fi and a sitting area with a great view of Bacuit Bay, the pool and the forest.

Most so-called luxury hotels in EL Nido Palawan can only go as far as providing fancy accommodations but Lagen Island Resort goes as far as providing the perfect setting that is fitting for the upscale market looking for more than just a nice room to stay in. Not many Palawan hotels can offer the ultimate luxury experience that Lagen Island can give you.

El Nido Tour Hidden Beaches & Shrines

dilumakad islandIf you want to see more of Palawan Island in the Philippines, consider taking a tour of the hidden beaches and shrines around El Nido. You will see the source of inspiration of Alex Garland’s novel “The Beach” which was turned into a movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Another movie that featured scenes from El Nido is “Bourne Legacy” with some scenes shot from Matinloc and Dilumacad which you will also get t see through the El Nido Tour C : Hidden Beaches Tour with the Dimalumacad Island visible and accessible via helicopter.

The Kulasa Beach is a 100-meter beach strip of fine white sand. The sea floor surrounding the beach slopes gradually and the water deepens only after about 10 meters. This is a great beach for swimming and snorkeling due to the abundance of marine life in this area.

Other places to see on this tour include visits to Tapiutan Island and Star Beach among others. To get the most of your visit to El Nido tour, stay at affordable Palawan hotels in the area.

El Nido Tour B : Caves & Coves

palawan cavesThe El Nido Tour B: Caves and Coves is a whole day tour that includes visiting El Nido’s pristine beaches and the coves of Bacuit Bay.

In this tour, you get to see towers of marble cliffs, white sandy beaches, and the jungles of Palawan. National Geographic has chosen El Nido as one of th best travel destinations in the world, coining it as the Philippine’s Last Frontier.

El Nido Tour B : Caves & Coves includes:

Pangalusian Island which has one of the widest stretches of white beaches is ideal for sun bathing, sunset viewing, and other beach activities. Great for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Pinagbuyutan Island has soft powdery white sand where water is shallow with a snorkeling area full of fishes.

Vigan and Snake Island has a sandspit and shallow swimming areas. Climbing the hill of the nearby island provide a glimpse of an awe inspiring seascape and a bird’s eye view of Bacuit Bay.

Cadugnon Point and Cave is an important anthropological site, where jewelry and pottery dating back to the Sung Dynasty (960-1279 BC) were yielded. The anthropologists believe that the cave dwellers were from Borneo. A small opening hidden among the rocks near the beach reveals a cathedral like cave inhabited by sea sparrows.

Pinasil Island and Cathedral Cave has a cathedral-like cavern accessible by dinghy and kayak. This one of important sites for the busyadors or the birds’ nest gatherers.

This El Nido Tour lets you see the hidden treasures of El Nido, the caves and coves of Palawan. There are affordable Palawan hotels in El Nido such as the El Nido Waterfront Hotel. This Palawan hotel offers a great view of Bacuit Bay.

El Nido Tour: Island Beaches

elnidotourDPalawan Province in the Philippines was recognized by T+L Magazine as the number one beach in the world. If you are planning to visit the top beach in the world, you should consider taking the Island Beaches El Nido Tour. From this point, you can hop from one island to another to see the best that Palawan has to offer.

What you will see in the El Nido D: Island Beaches

Cadlao Island which has the highest peak at 609 meters above sea level. It is Palawan’s largest island, with a land area of 1,006 hectares. Cadlao Island is known for its white sand beaches, hidden lagoons, and lush forest. It is is one of the best places to snorkel.

Nat Nat Beach & Bucal Beach has many attractions and you can spend a whole day at the island beaches of Bacuit Bay. The white sand beach is perfect for sunbathing and offers a great view of the sunset. Pangulasian makes a good snorkeling and diving site.

Paradise Beach with its fine white sand beach lined by coconut trees, is a favorite place for picnics. Right off the beach is a good swimming site, especially for beginners. Dive sites are located in the west and south sides of the island.

If you are planning to take an extensive tour around El Nido, it would be best to book your accommodations within the area. There are different types of Palawan hotels in the area that suit all kinds of budgets. There are cheap hotels for backpackers and higher end accommodations for more discriminating tastes.

To be able to take full advantage of the Island Beaches El Nido Tour, stay a few days in the area. Consider budget Palawan hotels in El Nido that will allow you to stretch your vacation money. Doing so will let you see more of Palawan and do more activities that makes your trip worthwhile.

El Nido Motorbike Rental and Palawan Hotels in the Area

el nido motorbike rental palawanIf you want to cover a lot of ground in Palawan, you might want to consider touring the island on a motorbike.

This is an economical and practical way to get around the El Nido area where you can take a leisurely ride around the Bascuit Bay or get to the beaches of Calitang and Nacpan quickly.

You may even explore the outback of Palawan by taking the road less traveled. There are local fishing villages in the northern part of El Nido that are worth visiting. You can also ride through the mountainous regions to get a fantastic view of Palawan, the ocean, and forests on your El Nido motorbike rental.

Dolarog Beach Hotel in El Nido Palawan

Dolarog Beach Hotel in El Nido Palawan

When in El Nido, you will find all types of Palawan hotels that will suit all kinds of budgets. If you plan to spend more time at Bascuit Bay, you might want to stay at the Dolarog Beach Resort which sits between the Bascuit Bay and tropical forests and gardens.

Palawan hotels in El Nido are often picturesque and provide luxurious accommodations. Dolarog Beach Resort has a swimming pool, outdoor dining area with a great view, and offers water sports to guests.