Hotels in Puerto Princesa Palawan – Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa

Sheridan Beach Resort Restaurant

Sheridan Beach Resort Restaurant

Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa is one of the more luxurious hotels in Puerto Princesa Palawan. It is a beachfront hotel with all of the amenities that discriminating travelers look for in accommodations.

The resort has a swimming pool, beach side massage area, an indoor spa, and a romantic restaurant on the beach. It also offers magnificent views of the ocean and mountains.

Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

It is a large 4-star hotel that is only a few hundred meters away from the Subterranean Underground River. It is also located on the west coast of Palawan where most of the island’s wildlife and lush foliage are abundant.

Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa is one of the largest hotels in Puerto Princesa Palawan with 96 well-appointed and luxurious rooms designed in contemporary style. It is one of the better Palawan hotels that also offers direct access to the beach.


Palawan Hotels Off The Beaten Track

Flower Island Resort, Taytay, Palawan

Flower Island Resort, Taytay, Palawan

If you are searching for something different for your next vacation in Palawan, you don’t have to look for hotels in the usual places. Instead of staying at hotels in Puerto Princesa Palawan or at beach resorts in Coron or El Nido, consider heading for another part of Palawan that you have not explored yet. Places like Taytay make good choices for vacation off the beaten track.

Flower Island Resort is located in Tatay, Palawan. It is an exclusive hotel that is a little remote and hidden in Taytay Bay. Since it is not as commercialized as other areas in Palawan, it still offers rich resources and natural surrounding. Foliage are thick and marine life abundant.

It is a great place to snorkel or dive. You can also take a tour of the nearby pearl farm or take advantage of the resorts spa services. Other activities you can look forward to include kayaking, table tennis, French bowling, volleyball, darts, pedal boating, and paddle boarding.

This remote and very private resort has its own restaurant and spa on-site. It is just as good and well-equipped as other hotels in Puerto Princesa Palawan or other popular Palawan hotels in Coron or El Nido.

Palawan Hotels – Get Cozy in Puerto Princesa

Asturias Hotel Puerto Princesa Palawan

Asturias Hotel Puerto Princesa Palawan

If you wish to find cozy and very comfortable hotels in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, you might want to check out the Asturias Hotel along the South National Highway in Tiniguiban. Many guests have described this hotel as “Just like coming home to an elegant villa.”

This hotel has a total of 60 rooms in 3 types of accommodations to suit various budgets. It is quite affordable considering the comfort you will experience staying at this place. It is located in the city but is close enough to Puerto Princesa’s top beaches and places of interest.

There is a swimming pool for guests and lush greenery in a well-landscaped garden. The plants and trees in the garden will let you think that you are not in the middle of a city. The landscaping also adds to the coziness of the ambiance. It is an ideal place to stay if you are planning to hold a convention, wedding or conference in Palawan.

Banquet Hall Asturias Hotel Puerto Princesa

Banquet Hall Asturias Hotel Puerto Princesa

The in-house restaurant called Pescado’s offers international and local cuisine. It also has a bar, a coffee shop and KTV lounge. The banquet halls can accommodate up to 350 guests and is an excellent venue for either small or large meetings.

Only a few hotels in Puerto Princesa Palawan can offer the best of both worlds: modern amenities for business needs or special events and close proximity to Palawan’s best beaches.The Asturias Hotel in Palawan is one of them.

Budget Palawan Hotels – Remari Pension

Remari Pension Puerto Princesa Palawan

Remari Pension Puerto Princesa Palawan

If you want to make the most of your vacation budget, consider checking out budget Palawan hotels. By staying at affordable accommodations, you can stretch your budget to enable you to go on various Palawan tours. If you are planning on focusing your stay and activities in Puerto Princesa, you should try booking a room at Remari Pension.

This pension house is very affordable yet gives you easy access to the restaurants, bars, and commercial district in Puerto Princesa. It is located near the Provincial Capitol Building and is just a kilometer away from the airport. Although accommodations are cheap, rooms are tastefully decorated and sanitary.

It has its own back-up power generator, a garden, and in-house cafe. It is also equipped with business tools you may need during your holiday such as a fax machine, WI-Fi internet, photocopier, and a safe. The hotel is also not short on fun and offers recreational activities such as boating, snorkeling, sailing, fishing and kayaking among others.

If you want to stay longer in Palawan, you should seriously consider saving money on accommodations by booking your rooms at budget Pawalan hotels. This will make it possible to extend your stay and take more tours or enjoy more activities. Book your room now at Remari Pension and see how much you can save from your travel budget.

El Nido Motorbike Rental and Palawan Hotels in the Area

el nido motorbike rental palawanIf you want to cover a lot of ground in Palawan, you might want to consider touring the island on a motorbike.

This is an economical and practical way to get around the El Nido area where you can take a leisurely ride around the Bascuit Bay or get to the beaches of Calitang and Nacpan quickly.

You may even explore the outback of Palawan by taking the road less traveled. There are local fishing villages in the northern part of El Nido that are worth visiting. You can also ride through the mountainous regions to get a fantastic view of Palawan, the ocean, and forests on your El Nido motorbike rental.

Dolarog Beach Hotel in El Nido Palawan

Dolarog Beach Hotel in El Nido Palawan

When in El Nido, you will find all types of Palawan hotels that will suit all kinds of budgets. If you plan to spend more time at Bascuit Bay, you might want to stay at the Dolarog Beach Resort which sits between the Bascuit Bay and tropical forests and gardens.

Palawan hotels in El Nido are often picturesque and provide luxurious accommodations. Dolarog Beach Resort has a swimming pool, outdoor dining area with a great view, and offers water sports to guests.

Palawan Activities – Dolphin Watching Tour

palawan dolfin watching puerto princesaIn Palawan, there are a lot of other activities and tours you can enjoy aside from island hopping, snorkeling, scuba diving or taking the famous Underground River Tour. You might want to go dolphin watching for a change.

The Dolphin Watching Tour is a seasonal Palawan activity where you can watch dolphins swim, play and jump next to your boat. The best time to have this adventure is from April to October when dolphins visit the Puerto Princesa Bay.

Why do you think dolphins jump out of the water?

Scientists who have studied dolphin behavior have different theories as to why dolphins jump out of the water. Some theories include:

  • Dolphins save energy jumping through air as it takes less effort to move through air than it does for them to swim through water.
  • Dolphins may get a better view of distant things such as food by jumping over water. They can see seabirds feeding or hunting for food above the surface to identify areas where there is abundant food supply.
  • Other scientists think that this is a way for dolphins to communicate with others in their pod.
  • There are also some theories that suggest jumping is a way for these sea animals to get rid of pests clinging to them.
  • Then again, some researchers think that it is just their way of having fun.
Balayong Pension - Budget Palawan Hotel in Puerto Princesa

Balayong Pension – Budget Palawan Hotel in Puerto Princesa

There are other Palawan Tours and Activities in Puerto Princesa such as the Firefly Watching Tour and the Irawan Eco Adventure and Zipline Tour.

An economical way to go on a Dolphin Watching Tour is to be located close to the activity venue. Consider the numerous budget Palawan hotels and mid-range accommodations in Puerto Princesa.

Palawan Hotel – Puerto Princesa City Tour

palawan crocodile farm

Crocodile Farm, Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa in Palawan is better known for its white sand beaches and tropical rain forest, but the city also has something to offer.

Before heading to the beaches of Palawan which are only an hour away from the center of town, you can spend part of your day roaming around the city for a short tour. If you plan to see more of the city, consider booking a hotel in the heart of Puerto Princesa city.

One of the best hotels in Puerto Princesa is the Sunlight Guest House. This is a 4-star Palawan hotel located in the center of the city. It is close to key establishments for dining and recreation. It’s a fully equipped hotel with its own ATM machine, business center, and other standard amenities found in typical 4-star hotels.

Deluxe Room, Sunlight Guest Hotel, Puerto Princesa

Deluxe Room, Sunlight Guest Hotel, Puerto Princesa

It offers a breath-taking view of the Puerto Princesa Bay and the ocean. It’s the perfect place to stay if you wish to take the Puerto Princesa City Tour.

For this Palawan Tour, you will be taken to the Baywalk, Immaculate Conception Church, Plazaz Cuartel, and a souvenir shop if there is still time left in the 4-hour expedition.

Exciting parts of the tour include a visit to the Crocodile Farm, a mini-zoo, and the Research Institute for the study of crocodiles. You will visit the Binuatan Weaving Creations where you will see weavers create products that you may also purchase.

Mitra’s Ranch is a large property with a log cabin where you can see scenic terrain or just relax in the veranda. Another stop will include a visit to Baker’s Hill where you can indulge in sweets, pastries and freshly baked bread.

Butterfly Garden Palawan

Butterfly Garden Palawan

You can also add an optional side-trip to your city tour by stopping by the Butterfly Garden. The entrance fee to the garden is not included in the tour package. Here, you can feast your eyes on the beautiful colors of butterflies indigenous to Palawan and other places in Southeast Asia.

The Puerto Princesa City Tour can take 4 hours or a little longer if you drop by the Butterfly Garden. If you plan to stay the night at a Palawan hotel in the center of Puerto Princesa, you will still be within driving distance to some of the best beaches in Puerto Princesa.