Cheap Palawan Hotels for Backpackers – KokosNuss Resort in Coron

KokosNuss Resort Palawan

KokosNuss Resort Palawan

Back packing through Palawan can be fun if you don’t mind staying at budget Palawan hotels that do not offer first class amenities such as hot showers and room service. You can also save a lot of money booking a room at cheap Palawan hotels.

An affordable hotel in Coron Palawan, the KokosNuss Resort offers 24 cottages amidst a lush tropical garden where you can find a nice quiet corner to read a book or sit on garden chairs to chat with your travel buddies or new found friends at the resort.

The resort’s garden restaurant offers fresh seafood cooked the Asian or European way. After having a hearty meal, you can relax in one of the garden’s hammocks. Furnishings and the cottages are made of natural materials found in Palawan. These blend well with the tropical garden and natural surroundings.

Rooms are designed to appear rustic without the extra luxury features such as air conditioning. The materials and layout of the accommodations still provide cool interiors despite the lack of air conditioners that most higher end Palawan hotels have.

Beds are clean and comfortable despite the budget accommodations. Bathroom are likewise sanitary and well equipped. KokosNuss Resort is one of the many affordable hotels in Coron Palawan but has a certain quaint and natural character about it that attracts many backpackers from around the world.


Hotels in Coron Palawan – Dive Link Resort

Dive Link Resort PalawanIf you are looking for beachfront dive hotels in Coron, Palawan, then you should consider booking a room at the Dive Link Resort which is located right on the beach of Unson Island. The resort is set amidst natural surroundings without the overly luxurious amenities of more expensive hotels. It is an ideal hotel for divers who wish to stay right next to the water and nearby dive sites.

The location brings you back to nature as it is set between the ocean and virgin forests of a secluded island. The resort has a swimming pool despite being right on the beach since beginner divers are taught basic skills in the pool. Guests can spend many hours in the lounging area literally surrounded by water and nearby foliage.

Dive Link Resort Palawan - CopyIt brings total peace and tranquility that are not found in more commercial locations. After a day of exploring the forest and diving, guests can relax by the beach, have a massage and watch the sunset.

If you want your vacation experience to be fulfilling, nothing beats staying at beachfront hotels in Coron Palawan. Most affordable Palawan hotels are located in the city or far from the beach. Dive Link Resort provides the perfect combination of the perfect location and affordability.

Best Luxury Hotels in Coron Palawan – Make your Vacation Perfect at El Rio y Mar

Exterior view of El Rio y Mar

Exterior view of El Rio y Mar

If you are aiming to have a vacation to remember filled with luxury, fun, comfort and beauty, you might want to visit Coron in Palawan. Coron is an island surrounded by other small islets. It is part of the Calamian Archipelago in the norther side of Palawan that separates the Sulu Sea and the South China Sea.

It is a popular diving destination due to a dozen sunken Japanese warships that can be seen from 33 to 130 feet below the surface. Coron has been listed on Forbes Traveler Magazine as one of the top 10 scuba diving sites in the world.

To make your Palawan holiday perfect and memorable, consider staying at top Palawan hotels that offer all the amenities you expect from a 5 star hotel in the city. Most hotels in Coron Palawan offer basic amenities that might not satisfy the needs of some travelers looking for more than just simple accommodations.

Cedar Cabin at El Rio y Mar

Cedar Cabin at El Rio y Mar

El Rio y Mar is a luxury hotel that is also located next to the beach. It offers most of the amenities that you would find in the world’s top beach resorts. It is also located in the top beach destination in the world. The hotel is luxurious and offers various water sports activities, diving trips and even a massage service on the beach. It also has its own in-house physician, library and video room.

Cheap Palawan Hotels in Coron – Island’s View Inn

Island's View Inn

Island’s View Inn

If you wish to have more fun on your Coron Palawan vacation, one way you can save is by staying at cheap Palawan hotels. The Island’s View Inn is a budget hotel in Coron. It can be found in the heart of Coron town just a short walk to the plaza,market, churches, port, and terminals. It is also near restaurants and other major business establishments.

The hotel is finely decorated in simple minimalist designs which is also reflected in the building’s exterior appearance. You will enjoy hanging out and dining at the hotel’s rooftop restaurant and bar that offers a panoramic view of Coron Bay and other islands nearby. This is why the hotel was named Island’s View Inn.

Deluxe Room Islands View Inn Coron PalawanIt is one of the more comfortable of a number of cheap Palawan hotels in Coron and you will be ensured of a good night’s rest, security and value for your money.

Experience an African Safari In Coron Palawan

coron safari tour

Calauit Safari Expedition, Coron Palawan

If you are looking for some beach and land based adventure in Palawan, consider visiting Coron. Coron is a municipality of Palawan, Philippines. It consists of several islands and small islets spread across the South China Sea and Sulu Sea.

It is a popular scuba diving destination with aquatic views of beautiful coral life, tropical fish and sunken World War II ships. It was listed in Forbes Traveler Magazine as the top 10 best diving sites in the world.

Aside from scuba diving, kayaking, swimming and snorkeling, visitors can also take the Calauit Safari Expedition. The safari tour takes you to Calauit Island which houses an African game preserve and wildlife park.

This Coron tour will let you see a wide array of wildlife on land such as giraffes, gazelles, zebras, monkeys, wild boars, deer and other African wildlife brought into the country many years ago.

coron gateway hotel

Coron Gateway Hotel & Suites

The affordable Coron Calauit Safari Expedition will include transportation and transfers, entrance fees to the game preserve, breakfast and lunch, drinks, safety personnel and an English speaking guide.

For easy access to various Coron tours and adventures, book yourselves at hotels in Coron Palawan. This lets you get closer to the action, the beaches and various Coron expeditions and activities.

Tours, Activities and Hotels in Coron Palawan

Wreck Diving in Coron Palawan

Wreck Diving in Coron Palawan

If you wan to make the best of your Palawan vacation, you might want to take a budget tour around Coron. Coron is the largest town in Busuanga, Palawan and is famous for its wreck diving where divers can see sunken ships from World War II. Coron is also famous for snorkeling, limestone cliffs, wildlife, and white sand beaches. The 8-hour Coron Islands and Lakes Tour is a budget tour that let’s you see all of these in one affordable package.

Some sites to see during this tour are the Kayangan Lake, the Coron Harbor and Bay, various beaches where you can swim and snorkel, and flora and fauna on land. You will also get to visit Coron’s twin lagoons and coves surrounded by limestone cliffs.

Other interesting places you will get to visit through the tour are Siete Pecados Marine Sanctuary, CYC Beach and the Hidden Lagoon. To make the most of your Coron Islands and Lakes Tour, it would be best to look for hotels in Coron Palawan and make a booking before you leave for your Palawan vacation.

Stay At Palawan Budget Hotels And Get To See More Sites

Calauit Safari Tour Palawan

Calauit Safari Tour Palawan

If you want to visit Palawan Island in the Philippines and still have enough cash for tours and activities, consider saving money by booking a room in a budget Palawan hotel. With more cash to burn, you can see more sites and afford to go on an African Safari style expedition.

The Oriental Lodging House in Palawan is located in Coron where you may also take the Coron Islands and Lakes Tour or go on a Calauit Safari Expedition. This Palawan hotel is perfect for travelers on a shoe-string-budget but also offers comfortable amenities and accommodations.

Taking the Coron Islands and Lakes Tour will bring you to some of the most pristine and clearest waters in the world. You can take a boat ride to different islands and beaches in Coron or snorkel and swim in the twin lagoons where you can take a closer look at Palawan’s famous karst formations sprouting out of the water.

Kayangan Lake, Coron Palawan

Kayangan Lake, Coron Palawan

The Calauit Safari Expedition is a budget tour that gives you access to an African game preserve and wildlife park where you can watch zebras, giraffes, wild boars, monkeys, gazelles, the Calamian mouse deer, eagles, and pythons roam freely in the Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary.

So, if you want to make your island vacation worthwhile, think about booking a budget Palawan hotel room that will let you have enough cash to take various Palawan Coron tours. A reputable Palawan hotel booking site online can show you how to have a grand vacation on a tight budget.