Boracay Station 3 Hotels – Surfside Resort and Spa

Surfside Resort and Spa, Boracay Station 3 Hotel

Surfside Resort and Spa, Boracay Station 3 Hotel

If you are looking for accommodations that serves excellent food and offers spa services, you might want to consider booking a room at Surfside Boracay Resort and Spa.

This is one of the Boracay Station 3 hotels that offers great accommodations, good location, spa services and excellent food.

Surfside is famous for their Nagisa Boracay Cafe and Japanese Food among locals and regular foreign tourists who come to Boracay regularly. Prices at the cafe are reasonable considering the quality of the menu choices.

This beachfront hotel and cafe are also designed to blend in with the surroundings with the structures made of local indigenous materials such as bamboo and wood, making the accommodation feel homey and welcoming.

Although it appears rustic and natural, the resort offers modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, cable TV, air-conditioned rooms, hot showers, deposit boxes at the front desk, IDD and NDD telephones, minibars in well-maintained rooms and fax service.

Nagisa Boracay Cafe & Japanese Food, Surfside Resort and Spa, Boracay Station 3

Nagisa Boracay Cafe & Japanese Food, Surfside Resort and Spa, Boracay Station 3

The spa also offers Shiatsu and Swedish massage services, facials, foot spa, jacuzzis and steam baths. It is also one of the Boracay hotels that offers dive instruction and other water sports activities.

Most Boracay Station 3 hotels are also noted for providing more peace and quiet that busier Boracay hotels in Station 2, giving guests more privacy and better sleeping conditions.


Cheap Boracay Hotels in Station 3 – Marzon Resort

cafe marzon boracay station 3 hotels

Beach View Marzon Beach Resort Boracay

If you are looking for affordable accommodations that are still on the beachfront, you might want to explore cheap Boracay hotels like the Marzon Resort at station 3.

This hotel sits on a quieter side of White Beach where you can enjoy more privacy and less noise from the busier side like Station 2 where all the bars and commercial establishments are located.

If you wish to just relax and rest with a book as you lounge on the beach to get a tan, Boracay Station 3 hotels can offer you the just what you need.

Although you will be in the more tranquil side of the island, water sports activities, good restaurants and excellent hotel services are still within reach at Boracay Station 3 hotels.

With its own coffee shop on-site, Marzon Resort guests will never go hungry or need to start the day hunting for a place to eat breakfast. You can begin your day with a hearty breakfast facing the ocean just steps from your hotel room.

Marzon Resort is one of the cheap Boracay hotels on the island that can offer affordability, excellent location and quiet comfort. Boracay Station 3 hotels offer more privacy that certain travelers look for in a perfect vacation.

Garden View Marzon Beach Resort Boracay

Garden View Marzon Beach Resort Boracay

If you are not into partying and bar-hopping, this may be the right side of the island for you to book a room. Marzon Resort offers beach and garden view rooms. The garden view rooms with their own terrace offer more shade and a soothing ambiance.

Best Way To Get To Boracay Island From The Airport

boracay airport transfersThere are more than one way to get to and around Boracay. If you are arriving by plane, you may land at other Caticlan or Kalibo. If arriving via Caticlan, you just have to take a 10 minute van ride to the Caticlan Port where you can take a short 25 minute boat ride to Boracay Island. The van or trike trip to your Boracay hotel should take another 10 to 20 minutes.

If you are taking a plane Kalibo, you can also take a 2-hour bus or van ride to Caticlan Jetty Port and then proceed to take a 25 minute boat ride to the island.

Once you get to Boracay Island, visitors can take a tricycle ride into town or to your hotel. Some Boracay hotels provide private transport that will pick you up at the Port in Boracay Island. The best and most convenient way to get to the island is to book Boracay airport transfers in advance. This ensures a smooth transition between destination points that gets you to your Boracay hotel seamlessly.

Discover Scuba Diving in Boracay Island

boracay scuba diving lessonsBoracay Island is the perfect place for those who wish to learn how to scuba dive or just try a discovery diving lesson. For a small sum of money and a couple of hours of basic training, one can dive in Boracay and discover the wonders of underwater life.

The DSD program by PADI is an introductory course that you can complete half a day, with introductory lessons, a video, and equipment provided for you for a shallow dive. This is perfect for beginners wishing to proceed to the first level P.A.D.I. certification.

There is no need to have your own equipment since all diving gear is provided in the Boracay Scuba Diving DSD Program. You might want to stay close to the dive schools on White Beach. Consider Boracay Station 3 hotels where many of the diving outlets can be found.

Boracay Hotel Serving Good But Cheap Food

View from 2nd floor balcony of 357 Boracay Hotel

View from 2nd floor balcony of 357 Boracay Hotel

Going on a vacation can be expensive, that’s why it’s important to look for cheap Boracay hotels or places that serve affordable but excellent food. One of the best beach front Boracay hotels that serves affordable food is located at White Beach Station 3.

The 357 Boracay Hotel is a quaint hotel right on the beach that serves very affordable food by Boracay standards. Staff are friendly and accommodating too. You can dine just a few feet from the water at the hotel’s dining area right next to the entrance reception area.

357 boracay hotel bookingThe rooms are nicely appointed and bathrooms clean and sanitary. Considering this Boracay hotel is right on the beach front, it is surprising that they serve excellent food at really cheap prices. You’ll have more than enough to spurge on a good bottle of wine while you relax on the hotel’s beach lounging chairs.

Pet Friendly Boracay Hotels – Tips On How To Keep Dogs Safe At The Beach

dog friendly boracay hotelIt can be hard to look for pet-friendly accommodations at popular beach resorts but there are definitely some Boracay hotels that allow pets.

If you are bringing your canine along with you for a Boracay beach vacation, consider learning ways to keep your dog safe from too much heat. Warm temperatures can threaten your dog’s health.

When the sun is high and temperatures rise to an uncomfortable level, make sure that your pet is safe from sunburn and dehydration. Here are some tips on how to protect your dog from too much sun and heat:

  • Find a shady area under a beach umbrella or trees where your dog can retreat from the sun’s rays and direct heat.
  • Keep your pet hydrated. Place a water bowl nearby which you should constantly refill with fresh cool water.
  • The hot sand can also scorch your dog’s paws. Provide a beach towel for your pet to protect your canine from the hot sand.
  • Dog breeds with short snouts (Boston terriers, English bulldogs, pugs, shih tzus, and boxers) are known to overheat faster than canines with longer snouts.

Watch out for signs of overheating and dehydration:

  • Rapid panting or drooling
  • Loss of coordination and balance
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness

There are a few animal clinics on the island and you should take your canine to Rebadulla Animal Clinic or Shoreline Animal Clinic if you suspect that your pet is suffering from dehydration or overheating.

Before coming to the island with your pet, consider checking out pet friendly Boracay hotels. There are budget Boracay hotels that allow dogs and some high-end accommodations that also welcome pets.

Dog must be kept on a lead in Boracay Island. Owners must also clean up after their pets.

Boracay Hotels – Boracay Pito Huts

affordable boracay hotels beach front

Boracay Pito Huts

Boracay Pito Huts located at Station 3 is one of the more popular places to stay in Boracay Island. Rooms are furnished with modern amenities but offer a rustic island ambiance.

This Boracay hotel offers the perfect combination of the island feel with your favorite conveniences such as air-conditioned rooms, hot showers, cable TV and most importantly…free WiFi internet. You can also ask for a massage, laundry or housekeeping service.

You won’t even notice the occasional power outages since this Boracay hotel is equipped with a power generator. You also get sufficient security with the hotel’s in-house 24 security guards. You may also deposit valuables at the hotel’s safe.

The hotel’s wooden huts come in double or triple occupancy, with single or double beds with thick mattresses. Ask for extra mattresses to fit in 5 people in a hut.

Larger groups of travelers who wish to stay under one roof may opt to take “The Beach House” which is a large single unit with a view of the ocean and beach from the balcony. This unit can accommodate up to 15 people.

The Beach House with Ocean View

The Beach House with Ocean View

Guests who wish to save on travel expenses are also given the opportunity to prepare their own meals in the hotel’s common outdoor kitchen. You may dine on your own gourmet feast at the patio dining area reserved for guests.

Although Boracay Pito Huts is on the beach, it is set back a few meters from the ocean, offering you the privacy you need after a busy activity-filled day in Boracay Island. Full-view and access to White Beach is just a few steps away from this Boracay hotel. It is close enough to the water but away from the noise and crowds on the beach that peak season brings to this island paradise.