Budget Boracay Hotels in Prime Location

Mr Holiday Resort, Boracay Station 1 Hotel

Mr Holiday Resort, Boracay Station 1 Hotel

More often than not, most cheap Boracay hotels are located away from the beach. If you still wish to stay at a beachfront resort but hope not to pay too much for a room, consider the Mr. Holiday Resort on Station 1.

Most Boracay Station 1 hotels are pricey in comparison to other accommodations in Boracay and finding a budget resort located in one of the best locations in the island is a lucky discovery.

Station 1 on White Beach is noted for wider beach-fronts, whiter sand and more private and exclusive accommodations. Given that, majority of the hotels in the area are more expensive than other resorts all over the island.

Most Boracay Station 1 hotels are also well-appointed since many high-end patrons prefer staying at this side of White Beach. If you want quality accommodations at affordable prices, consider Mr. Holiday, one of the more popular budget Boracay hotels on White Beach.


Boracay Station 1 Hotels – Microtel Inn and Suites

Microtel Inn and Suites Boracay (Diniwid Beach)

Microtel Inn and Suites Boracay (Diniwid Beach)

If you want to stay in a more private area in Boracay, consider looking for Boracay Station 1 hotels on the far side in Diniwid Beach. This area is located on the far right if White Beach if you are facing the ocean.

Most resorts in this area are a bit more pricey than those found in other parts of White Beach but they also provide more privacy and better accommodations for discriminating clients who prefer quality over low priced hotels.

Microtel Inn and Suites is a mid-range to higher-end hotel right on the beachfront that is equipped with handicap access, its own restaurant, a swimming pool next to the beach, Wi-Fi and even a meeting room. They even offer unlimited coffee in the lobby for hotel guests.

Microtel Boracay Station 1-Diniwid Beach

Microtel Boracay Station 1-Diniwid Beach

The beach is less populated since the hotel is located on the far side of White Beach, quite a distance from cheaper hotels and commercial establishments. Although it is remote from busier areas on the island, transportation is still available outside the hotel which can take guests to the center of town when necessary.

Diniwid Beach is located on the edge or past Boracay Station 1 hotels on White Beach. There are two ways to get the Boracay hotels in Diniwid which involves either walking along White Beach towards Station 1 or taking a trike to Diniwid Beach.

Where to eat after a night out partying in Boracay

Jammers Retaurant Station 2 D'Mall Boracay, open 24 hours

Jammers Retaurant Station 2 D’Mall Boracay, open 24 hours

If you enjoy partying or drinking with friends while vacationing in Boracay, you might want to know where to grab a bite after the party dies down and you start to feel hunger pangs.

People who travel to Boracay regularly and often take part in the island’s nightlife are familiar with some of the best places to eat after a night of drinking and dancing.

The top 2 places to eat before heading home are Jammers and Smoke. Jammers is famous for their 100% all-beef burgers, hotdogs, and tacos. One can also order another round of beer while your order is being prepared since Jammers also serves alcoholic beverages.

Smoke Restaurant Station 2, D'Mall Boracay open 24 hours

Smoke Restaurant Station 2, D’Mall Boracay open 24 hours

Smoke is another classic favorite of island party-goers where people can have rice meals or a hot bowl of bulalo soup. The restaurant’s sizzling bulalo is also one of the more popular items on the menu.

There are still more choices when it comes to after-hour dining and most of these places are located within walking distance of major Boracay hotels either on the beachfront or along the main road. There are affordable whole-in-the-wall diners spread out between Boracay Station 1 hotels to Station 3.

Cheap Boracay Hotels in Station 1 – Niu Ohana Garden Resort

niu ohana garden resortIf you want to stay in a good location in Boracay but would rather not pay high rates for beachfront accommodations, you have the option of staying at budget Boracay hotels along the main road which should be more affordable that beachfront accommodations.

Some cheap Boracay hotels are located in ideal places that offer quick access to White Beach on Station 1 yet won’t cost an arm and a leg like most hotels in that area. One of these places is the Niu Ohana Garden Resort.

Although this hotel is situated along the main road, you won’t get that impression due to the lush tropical gardens that flourish in the hotel. You will still get that feeling of being surrounded by nature despite its short distance away from the beach.

Niu Ohana Garden Resort on Station 1 caters to couples or groups. It is one of the most practical budget Boracay hotels located in a good area of the island that is close enough to the beach yet affordable.

Beachfront Boracay Station 1 Hotels – Nigi Nigi Too

View from the 2nd floor balcony of Nigi Nigi Too

View from the 2nd floor balcony of Nigi Nigi Too

One of the coziest places to stay in Boracay Island that offers ocean views and excellent food is Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort. This beachfront Boracay hotel is located just steps from the famous Willy’s Rock at Station 1.

The hotel offers mid-range prices for spacious rooms in one of the best locations on the island. All rooms are decorated with oriental flair overlooking either the ocean or the tropical garden.

Each room is furnished with cable TV, mini fridge, hot shower, airconditioning, and WiFi. Staff and employees are some of the friendliest and most accommodating on the island. Nigi Nigi Too also provides room service, airport transfers, and a nanny service.

The bar and restaurant on the beach is a popular hang-out for both local islanders and foreign travelers. Food (international and Asian) and drinks are excellent as well as the dining and bar service.

The restaurant and bar, which are practically on the beach, serve international beer brands as well as the country’s famous San Miguel Beer served ice cold each time. Try the appetizers, the gourmet pizzas, and their signature burgers.

Massage area by the beach

Massage area by the beach

One of the highlights of this Boracay hotel is the massage area by the beach which offers the perfect setting and ocean views to relax while getting a massage.

Nigi NIgi Too Resort sits on one of the best parts of White Beach for swimming with a wide and clean beachfront. It is one of the most popular Boracay Station 1 hotels on the island for short or long-term stay.