Chillaxing on Boracay

Boracay can be many things for many people; a beach destination, a sporting activity destination and a party island.

But Boracay, with its abundance of Spa’s and Spa Retreats, is also a perfect place to visit for those looking to relax and recuperate, for a Hen Party/Bridal Shower or for a get together with friends.  Visitors are assailed by calls of ‘Massage Ma’am Sir’ as they walk along the beach path, so how do you decide where to go for the best treatments.  Here we talk about two of the best Spa’s on the island and provide links to some of the treatments, which can be booked online.

Mandala Spa Reception Mandala Spa & Villas is renowned in Spa circles, and on the island, offering a real retreat from the modern world.

The villa’s are set directly within grounds that are surrounded by trees, tropical plants and the sounds of nature, at the ‘quieter end of the island’.

The Digital Detox Villa, in particular, offers a technology free (no Wi-Fi or TV) escape.  The Villa’s are all designed to give a sense of peace and space; with reclaimed Teak polished floors, vaulted wooden ceilings and cogon roofing. The interiors are walled in glass, providing a seamless flow between the lush tropical outdoors and the warm wooden indoors.

The Spa Treatments available include treatments that are specifically designed for women, and for men.  Some of their most popular treatments include:-

The Filipino Heritage lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes and starts with a floral footbath and a ritualistic smudging to clear the surrounding energy (Suob).  The scrub, made up of fresh coconut, organic rice and oils is designed to purify and re-energize your skin. Then relax in coconut milk bath, with amino acids, skin rejuvenating enzymes, natural oils and Hibiscus flower extract.

The Princess Treatment last 4 hours, and starts with a foot bath to stimulate the senses.  This is followed by a scrub and wrap of choice; a luxurious floral hot bath, Mandala Signature Massage and a facial. The treatment completes with a herbal tea on the veranda.

The Green Coffee Therapy last 3 hours & 30 minutes.  The therapy includes a slimming body scrub, which is designed to detoxify and firm the skin, and reduce signs of aging and cellulite.  Those who have had this treatment talk of revitalized and toned skin, and receive compliments regarding a new found youthful glow.

Mandala’s latest accomplishment is The Vessel, which was completed in 2013 and gives an amazing space in which many of the yoga and dance classes are held.  These classes are open to guests staying at Mandala Spa, as well as members of the local community and other tourists staying on the island.  Check out their Facebook page for regular diary postings.

Classes include Pole Dancing, Zumba and a range of Yoga Disciplines

Mandala’s The Vessel Classes include Pole Dancing, Zumba and a range of Yoga Disciplines


Mandala Spa & Villa’s often offer weekend retreats with renowned Yoga or Self-help Instructors. Check our Events Page for more information.  Click here for accommodation bookings.

Starting life as an Ambassadors Residence, a Hotel and now a renowned Island Spa

Starting life as an Ambassadors Residence, a Hotel and now a renowned Island Spa

Spa Helios, is located at Boracay Hills Hotel, just a 2 minute trike ride from Mandala and just like Mandala Spa, Spa Helios is set inside its own grounds, in a quiet residential area in Bantud.

Boracay Hills Hotel was built for, and belonged to, the Swiss Ambassador and almost all of its grandiose features have been retained, through its life as a family home, to a hotel (the first on the island to receive TripAdvisor Awards) and now as a dedicated Spa.  The spacious grounds include a swimming pool, with jacuzzi jets, for spa guests to use and enjoy.

Spa Helios’ treatment rooms give a sense of privacy and retreat, and are spacious making them equally Spa Helios' 1st Floor Treatment Roomgood for solo treatments, as well as couple treatments.

There is also one super big treatment room on the first floor of the main building,which is ideal for a group of friends who want to relax and enjoy their treatment in one large room together.  This Treatment Room has hosted girls on a Hen Party/Bridal Shower and special birthday celebration.

This group treatment room has an adjacent balcony overlooking the swimming pool, which is perfect for guests to sit and relax on whilst they sip on their refreshing, complimentary after-treatment drinks.

Favourite treatments at Spa Helios include:-

The Signature Spa Helios Package; 2 hour and 30 minute treatment, which can be taken by one person or as a joint treatment for a couple, or two friends.  The package begins with a foot spa, followed by some relaxing and gentle yoga techniques. Next you will be treated to an Asian Royalty Body Scrub to invigorate and nourish your skin, followed by a hot soak in a large milk bath, full of fragrant flowers and oils to prepare you for the full body massage.  The treatment is completed with a gentle, organic facial, which uses the following ingredients:- papaya, oatmeal, cucumber, coconut milk and placenta cream.

Spa Helios Spa TreatmentsThe 1-hour Pearl Massage is ideal for anyone who is suffering from sunburn, as it incorporates cream-based ingredients, during the Swedish Massage, which soothes sore skin and targets joint pain, stiffness and tight or sore muscles.

Swedish Massage is ideal for athletes, as it uses a pressure that is deeper than other techniques, increasing oxygenation of the blood, and releasing built up lactic and uric acid in the muscles.

The Hilot Massage * is another popular treatment at Spa Helios, which aims to relieve muscle strain and identify areas of energy imbalance in the body.  This imbalance is realigned, and energy blocks are released, through the use of warmed herbal leaves (‘Tapal’) and virgin coconut oil.. This treatment includes the use of Bentosa; vacuum cupping on the muscle areas, and a continous and deep massage along the body’s Merdians (Energy Channels). The treatment is completed with a hand and foot massage, to stimulate the energy points on the soles of your feet and palms of your hands.

Hilot* is an ancient, holistic, Filipino healing treatment; which centers on the belief that illness, disease and discomfort are the direct results of imbalance and disharmony within the body.

If it’s a plain and simple massage you’re after then there is another, slightly hidden spot on the island, at the border of Station 3 and Angol, on the beach in front of Coco Loco; This is the famous blind masseuse station.  Ask an island Dragonboater or Ultimate Frisbee player and they will tell you that the therapists at this station will give you some of the best and deepest, sports massages you are ever likely to experience, which find and kneed out even the toughest of muscle strains.  What’s more you can finish off your experience with a delicious cocktail from Coco Loco’s extensive drinks menu.


Boracay Station 3 Hotels – Surfside Resort and Spa

Surfside Resort and Spa, Boracay Station 3 Hotel

Surfside Resort and Spa, Boracay Station 3 Hotel

If you are looking for accommodations that serves excellent food and offers spa services, you might want to consider booking a room at Surfside Boracay Resort and Spa.

This is one of the Boracay Station 3 hotels that offers great accommodations, good location, spa services and excellent food.

Surfside is famous for their Nagisa Boracay Cafe and Japanese Food among locals and regular foreign tourists who come to Boracay regularly. Prices at the cafe are reasonable considering the quality of the menu choices.

This beachfront hotel and cafe are also designed to blend in with the surroundings with the structures made of local indigenous materials such as bamboo and wood, making the accommodation feel homey and welcoming.

Although it appears rustic and natural, the resort offers modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, cable TV, air-conditioned rooms, hot showers, deposit boxes at the front desk, IDD and NDD telephones, minibars in well-maintained rooms and fax service.

Nagisa Boracay Cafe & Japanese Food, Surfside Resort and Spa, Boracay Station 3

Nagisa Boracay Cafe & Japanese Food, Surfside Resort and Spa, Boracay Station 3

The spa also offers Shiatsu and Swedish massage services, facials, foot spa, jacuzzis and steam baths. It is also one of the Boracay hotels that offers dive instruction and other water sports activities.

Most Boracay Station 3 hotels are also noted for providing more peace and quiet that busier Boracay hotels in Station 2, giving guests more privacy and better sleeping conditions.

Multi-Awarded Boracay Hotels – Boracay Hills Hotel and Spa

Boracay Hills Hotel and Spa at night

Boracay Hills Hotel and Spa at night

There is something special about staying at the former Swiss Ambassador’s Boracay home and you can have this experience at the Boracay Hills Hotel and Spa. This was the first hotel in Boracay to have a swimming pool and was the recipient of Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award in 2005 and 2010.

Boracay Hills also received the Best Hidden Gem in Asia and the Best Family Hotel in Asia awards. The hotel presently holds the 2011 Excellence award from Trip Advisor among other prestigious awards.

The Clayton-Atanacio family currently owns and run the hotel. New hotel guests will feel right at home as soon as they step into the homey but elegant surroundings of the Boracay Hills Hotel and Spa.

Jacuzzi at Boracay Hills Hotel and Spa

Jacuzzi at Boracay Hills Hotel and Spa

The hotel is also home to Helios Spa where hotel guests can take advantage of massage and spa treatments while on a beach vacation. Both hotel and spa guests may use the swimming pool. Life vests are also available for children you wish to use the pool.

If you want to get away from the party atmosphere on the beachfront then this is the place for you. Most Boracay hotels on the beachfront won’t be able to give you the peace and quiet that you can have at the Boracay Hills Hotel and Spa. The hotel offers shuttle trips to d’Mall where you can also gain access to White Beach on Station 2.