Boracay Station 3 Hotels – Surfside Resort and Spa

Surfside Resort and Spa, Boracay Station 3 Hotel

Surfside Resort and Spa, Boracay Station 3 Hotel

If you are looking for accommodations that serves excellent food and offers spa services, you might want to consider booking a room at Surfside Boracay Resort and Spa.

This is one of the Boracay Station 3 hotels that offers great accommodations, good location, spa services and excellent food.

Surfside is famous for their Nagisa Boracay Cafe and Japanese Food among locals and regular foreign tourists who come to Boracay regularly. Prices at the cafe are reasonable considering the quality of the menu choices.

This beachfront hotel and cafe are also designed to blend in with the surroundings with the structures made of local indigenous materials such as bamboo and wood, making the accommodation feel homey and welcoming.

Although it appears rustic and natural, the resort offers modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, cable TV, air-conditioned rooms, hot showers, deposit boxes at the front desk, IDD and NDD telephones, minibars in well-maintained rooms and fax service.

Nagisa Boracay Cafe & Japanese Food, Surfside Resort and Spa, Boracay Station 3

Nagisa Boracay Cafe & Japanese Food, Surfside Resort and Spa, Boracay Station 3

The spa also offers Shiatsu and Swedish massage services, facials, foot spa, jacuzzis and steam baths. It is also one of the Boracay hotels that offers dive instruction and other water sports activities.

Most Boracay Station 3 hotels are also noted for providing more peace and quiet that busier Boracay hotels in Station 2, giving guests more privacy and better sleeping conditions.


Where to eat after a night out partying in Boracay

Jammers Retaurant Station 2 D'Mall Boracay, open 24 hours

Jammers Retaurant Station 2 D’Mall Boracay, open 24 hours

If you enjoy partying or drinking with friends while vacationing in Boracay, you might want to know where to grab a bite after the party dies down and you start to feel hunger pangs.

People who travel to Boracay regularly and often take part in the island’s nightlife are familiar with some of the best places to eat after a night of drinking and dancing.

The top 2 places to eat before heading home are Jammers and Smoke. Jammers is famous for their 100% all-beef burgers, hotdogs, and tacos. One can also order another round of beer while your order is being prepared since Jammers also serves alcoholic beverages.

Smoke Restaurant Station 2, D'Mall Boracay open 24 hours

Smoke Restaurant Station 2, D’Mall Boracay open 24 hours

Smoke is another classic favorite of island party-goers where people can have rice meals or a hot bowl of bulalo soup. The restaurant’s sizzling bulalo is also one of the more popular items on the menu.

There are still more choices when it comes to after-hour dining and most of these places are located within walking distance of major Boracay hotels either on the beachfront or along the main road. There are affordable whole-in-the-wall diners spread out between Boracay Station 1 hotels to Station 3.

Christmas and New Year in Boracay Island

Christmas-boracayIf you are thinking of spending Christmas or New Year in Boracay Island, it would be best to make your hotel and airline bookings as soon as possible. December to early January is super peak season on the island.

In reality, you need to make your hotel bookings as early as 6 months before the Christmas season. It is still possible though, to find some Boracay hotels that offer peak season rates. It is of utmost importance to make and confirm your bookings to ensure that you will have a place to stay in Boracay during this time.

Christmas and the New Year are celebrated extensively in the Philippines and you can feel that holiday spirit on the island too. Travelers can expect to be treated to a special array of typical Filipino Yuletide dishes with the best dishes served during Noche Buena, on Christmas Eve.

These Christmas dishes usually include:

Macaroni Salad
Keso de Bola
Puto Bumbong
Lengua Estofado
Sweet Christmas Ham or Cured Chinese Ham
Roasted Chestnuts
Leche Flan
Fruit Salad

New Year’s Eve is also celebrated with festivities that include fireworks displays and a late dinner that usually include the following dishes:

Pancit (noodles that signify long life)
Biko (sticky rice)
Whole Fish
Fresh Lumpia
12 round Fruits to Signify each month of the year



Tourists can expect similar types of food being served in Boracay hotels during the Christmas and New Year season and as mentioned previously, most accommodations will be booked as Christmas gets closer. It would be in your best interest to reserve and confirm your hotel booking as soon as you can as you can still find Boracay accommodations in the early part of December.

Boracay 2013 Halloween Photos

Boracay Regency 2Boracay RegencyDon RistoranteOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJuice bar2Juice bar3Tribal Bar 2White Beach beach pathOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJuice 3Red Coconut

Boracay Island is one of the best places to celebrate Halloween. A number of Boracay hotels, restaurants and bars host Halloween parties with prizes going to people with the best costumes.

Photo credits go to Weekend Warriors Productions, Mark Bell, and Alex Lin Gau. Thank You!

Beachfront Boracay Station 1 Hotels – Nigi Nigi Too

View from the 2nd floor balcony of Nigi Nigi Too

View from the 2nd floor balcony of Nigi Nigi Too

One of the coziest places to stay in Boracay Island that offers ocean views and excellent food is Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort. This beachfront Boracay hotel is located just steps from the famous Willy’s Rock at Station 1.

The hotel offers mid-range prices for spacious rooms in one of the best locations on the island. All rooms are decorated with oriental flair overlooking either the ocean or the tropical garden.

Each room is furnished with cable TV, mini fridge, hot shower, airconditioning, and WiFi. Staff and employees are some of the friendliest and most accommodating on the island. Nigi Nigi Too also provides room service, airport transfers, and a nanny service.

The bar and restaurant on the beach is a popular hang-out for both local islanders and foreign travelers. Food (international and Asian) and drinks are excellent as well as the dining and bar service.

The restaurant and bar, which are practically on the beach, serve international beer brands as well as the country’s famous San Miguel Beer served ice cold each time. Try the appetizers, the gourmet pizzas, and their signature burgers.

Massage area by the beach

Massage area by the beach

One of the highlights of this Boracay hotel is the massage area by the beach which offers the perfect setting and ocean views to relax while getting a massage.

Nigi NIgi Too Resort sits on one of the best parts of White Beach for swimming with a wide and clean beachfront. It is one of the most popular Boracay Station 1 hotels on the island for short or long-term stay.

Boracay Hotel Serving Good But Cheap Food

View from 2nd floor balcony of 357 Boracay Hotel

View from 2nd floor balcony of 357 Boracay Hotel

Going on a vacation can be expensive, that’s why it’s important to look for cheap Boracay hotels or places that serve affordable but excellent food. One of the best beach front Boracay hotels that serves affordable food is located at White Beach Station 3.

The 357 Boracay Hotel is a quaint hotel right on the beach that serves very affordable food by Boracay standards. Staff are friendly and accommodating too. You can dine just a few feet from the water at the hotel’s dining area right next to the entrance reception area.

357 boracay hotel bookingThe rooms are nicely appointed and bathrooms clean and sanitary. Considering this Boracay hotel is right on the beach front, it is surprising that they serve excellent food at really cheap prices. You’ll have more than enough to spurge on a good bottle of wine while you relax on the hotel’s beach lounging chairs.

Boracay Spanish Restaurant – Take Your Taste Buds on an Island Adventure this Halloween

halloween party boracay tapas barIf your taste buds are feeling adventurous, a great way to exploit this opportunity is to dine on dishes in one night. Of course it can be a challenge to do that if you have to order several full meals just for yourself, so visiting a local Boracay tapas bar can solve this dilemma.

At Dos Mestizos, you will find a wide array of authentic Spanish tapas every Saturday evening. Each year tapas are also served on the house to locals for the restaurant’s Halloween party. Locals can eat all the tapas they want during Halloween but there is only one catch, and that is to come in a costume.

dos mestizos halloween party 2013The tapas bar at this Boracay Spanish restaurant consists of a spread of roughly a dozen choices. Try popular selections such as the Dos Mestizos chorizo, ensalada de pulpo, gambas, salpicao de vaca, and callos. Pair them up with some pasta or European bread that are also baked fresh and served at the restaurant. Party starts at 7pm, October 31.

Dos Mestizos can be found at Station 2, on Remedios Street, mid-way between Best Western Boracay Tropics a popular and highly visible Boracay hotel along the main road and the Tourist Center on the beach. This Boracay restaurant sits just a few feet from the police station along the same street.