Budget Boracay Hotels in Prime Location

Mr Holiday Resort, Boracay Station 1 Hotel

Mr Holiday Resort, Boracay Station 1 Hotel

More often than not, most cheap Boracay hotels are located away from the beach. If you still wish to stay at a beachfront resort but hope not to pay too much for a room, consider the Mr. Holiday Resort on Station 1.

Most Boracay Station 1 hotels are pricey in comparison to other accommodations in Boracay and finding a budget resort located in one of the best locations in the island is a lucky discovery.

Station 1 on White Beach is noted for wider beach-fronts, whiter sand and more private and exclusive accommodations. Given that, majority of the hotels in the area are more expensive than other resorts all over the island.

Most Boracay Station 1 hotels are also well-appointed since many high-end patrons prefer staying at this side of White Beach. If you want quality accommodations at affordable prices, consider Mr. Holiday, one of the more popular budget Boracay hotels on White Beach.


Cheap Boracay Hotels in Station 3 – Marzon Resort

cafe marzon boracay station 3 hotels

Beach View Marzon Beach Resort Boracay

If you are looking for affordable accommodations that are still on the beachfront, you might want to explore cheap Boracay hotels like the Marzon Resort at station 3.

This hotel sits on a quieter side of White Beach where you can enjoy more privacy and less noise from the busier side like Station 2 where all the bars and commercial establishments are located.

If you wish to just relax and rest with a book as you lounge on the beach to get a tan, Boracay Station 3 hotels can offer you the just what you need.

Although you will be in the more tranquil side of the island, water sports activities, good restaurants and excellent hotel services are still within reach at Boracay Station 3 hotels.

With its own coffee shop on-site, Marzon Resort guests will never go hungry or need to start the day hunting for a place to eat breakfast. You can begin your day with a hearty breakfast facing the ocean just steps from your hotel room.

Marzon Resort is one of the cheap Boracay hotels on the island that can offer affordability, excellent location and quiet comfort. Boracay Station 3 hotels offer more privacy that certain travelers look for in a perfect vacation.

Garden View Marzon Beach Resort Boracay

Garden View Marzon Beach Resort Boracay

If you are not into partying and bar-hopping, this may be the right side of the island for you to book a room. Marzon Resort offers beach and garden view rooms. The garden view rooms with their own terrace offer more shade and a soothing ambiance.

Cheap Boracay Hotels in Station 1 – Niu Ohana Garden Resort

niu ohana garden resortIf you want to stay in a good location in Boracay but would rather not pay high rates for beachfront accommodations, you have the option of staying at budget Boracay hotels along the main road which should be more affordable that beachfront accommodations.

Some cheap Boracay hotels are located in ideal places that offer quick access to White Beach on Station 1 yet won’t cost an arm and a leg like most hotels in that area. One of these places is the Niu Ohana Garden Resort.

Although this hotel is situated along the main road, you won’t get that impression due to the lush tropical gardens that flourish in the hotel. You will still get that feeling of being surrounded by nature despite its short distance away from the beach.

Niu Ohana Garden Resort on Station 1 caters to couples or groups. It is one of the most practical budget Boracay hotels located in a good area of the island that is close enough to the beach yet affordable.

Malay Rural Experience – Real Life Adventures in Boracay

Bat-Cave boracayIf you want to experience the rural way of life in Boracay Island, you might want to go on a Malay Rural Experience Adventure. This tour will give you a taste of the other way of life that most tourists in Boracay don’t get to see or experience.

This is an affordable tour that takes only half a day but will give you a once in a lifetime experience you will remember for a long time. When you go back home, you can tell stories about your Boracay vacation that will include unusual experiences such as learning how locals fish, plant rice, and make handicrafts.

Balinghai Hotel

Balinghai Hotel

You will get to visit the bat caves, eat local dishes, and explore the nearby Nabaoy River. This is not a bad way to spend half a day in Boracay Island. The Malay Rural Experience is one of the adventure packages that accredited tour operators offer.

It is a safe adventure that the whole family can enjoy. Children under 5 years of age can even go on the tour for free. Secure this tour in advance when you book your Boracay hotels before leaving for the island.

Best Way To Get To Boracay Island From The Airport

boracay airport transfersThere are more than one way to get to and around Boracay. If you are arriving by plane, you may land at other Caticlan or Kalibo. If arriving via Caticlan, you just have to take a 10 minute van ride to the Caticlan Port where you can take a short 25 minute boat ride to Boracay Island. The van or trike trip to your Boracay hotel should take another 10 to 20 minutes.

If you are taking a plane Kalibo, you can also take a 2-hour bus or van ride to Caticlan Jetty Port and then proceed to take a 25 minute boat ride to the island.

Once you get to Boracay Island, visitors can take a tricycle ride into town or to your hotel. Some Boracay hotels provide private transport that will pick you up at the Port in Boracay Island. The best and most convenient way to get to the island is to book Boracay airport transfers in advance. This ensures a smooth transition between destination points that gets you to your Boracay hotel seamlessly.

Boracay Activities: Tribal Adventure Tours

tribal adventures boracay activitiesThe Tribal Adventures 3 Day/2Night Tribal Way Adventure one of the Boracay Tours being offered on the island won the 1999 Kalakbay (National Tourism) Award with Qantas Holidays for best internationally marketed tour.

This Boracay Tour was featured in numerous foreign and local travel shows. The popularity of Boracay activities stem from a unique mix of comfort and the rugged outdoors with just the right amount of pleasure, the bizarre, dramatic and picturesque scenery.

Boracay activities include hiking through the forests of Mount Maja-as, paddling river rafts in white water rapids and soaking in a hot kawa. Some Boracay tours also include a visit to waterfalls and rock pools. Take your pick between a day tour or a 3day/2 night tour. Cap your adventure with a relaxing massage at one of the Boracay hotels that offer masseuse services.

Discover Scuba Diving in Boracay Island

boracay scuba diving lessonsBoracay Island is the perfect place for those who wish to learn how to scuba dive or just try a discovery diving lesson. For a small sum of money and a couple of hours of basic training, one can dive in Boracay and discover the wonders of underwater life.

The DSD program by PADI is an introductory course that you can complete half a day, with introductory lessons, a video, and equipment provided for you for a shallow dive. This is perfect for beginners wishing to proceed to the first level P.A.D.I. certification.

There is no need to have your own equipment since all diving gear is provided in the Boracay Scuba Diving DSD Program. You might want to stay close to the dive schools on White Beach. Consider Boracay Station 3 hotels where many of the diving outlets can be found.