2017 Special Offer: Boracay Terraces Resort

Boracay Terraces Resort – The Boracay of Old

With many people mourning the loss of the ‘old Boracay’ it’s great to discover gems that still exist, offering that “Island Life” feel.


Boracay Terraces Beachfront


Boracay Terraces Resort, is a family-owned resort located at the very end of Station 1 White Beach.  Set back from the beach, with its palm trees intact, it is one of the few hotels that still offers that “island feel”.   Not just in the sense of being away from crowds of tourists but throughout its accommodation and restaurant, which have been lovingly re-designed and painted by the very talented daughter, Lara.

Taj Suites Views.jpg

Taj Suite Balcony


Boracay Terraces Resort offers some of the most spacious rooms on the island, which include all the standard amenities, with Twin and Double Rooms good for two people, and Family Rooms.  All of these include a good sized terrace or patio with tables and chairs, which overlook the gardens whilst still offering privacy and seclusion.

The Taj Suites, great for families or Honeymooners, are situated above the restaurant.


Taj A Honeymoon Suite

Sun loungers are located, under the palms, in an stretch of beach that is only used by resort guests. Additional touches are the hammocks strung between the palm trees, and little castaway and driftwood designs dotted around the beach area, restaurant and grounds.

The restaurant is open air with views of White Beach and Boracay’s crystal clear waters. Outside dining is available and offers the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sunset, accompanied by the soothing acoustic sounds of Aye Usero. The menu offers Philippine and Western cuisine, with a good range of vegetarian options, and a great fresh Juice, Shake and Cocktail menu. On occasional evenings singer song-writer, and the family’s youngest son, Armand Tj may perform at the mini-grand piano for restaurant guests.

We are currently offering a number of exclusive promos for Boracay Terraces Resort, including 30% off on Rooms and package deals for Easter Week and Laboracay.

Holy Week & Labor Weekend Package

Room Deal Promo



Valentines on Boracay

Valentine’s Day – the day of Love, almost coincides with Chinese New Year this year (2015) and hotels on the island are busy taking bookings for their remaining rooms and packages

Things to do on the Loveliest Day of the year:-

10. Zorb Ball! It’s not for everyone, and certainly your girl may not thank you for the suggestion if she’s not an adventurous one, but Zorbing is actually quite good fun; barrelling down a hill inside a translucent ball, not knowing which way is up! (As a tip girls – make sure you’re the 2nd one in and out to avoid unflattering facial expressions and angles!)

9. Zipline – another adventurous activity; zipping down from Mount Luho road, across Ilig Iligan Beach and then returning by Cable Car. As with Zorbing; girls, you may want to ‘zip’ second .. or first, depending on your butt-confidence!

8. Step Back in Time and visit the Boracay of the 1920’s! Pop on over to the mainland and

Collecting spring water the hard way

Collecting spring water the hard way

visit the Motag Living Museum; pretend you’re your grandparents on your own little rice farm.

Hang out in a traditional farm house, ride the caribou, sow, harvest and thresh the rice, try out some traditional games, weave a decorative wall or a toy. It’s all about the Philippines farming heritage

7. Parasail; take in panoramic views of Boracay in a duo Parasail.

6. Take in a fabulous band; such as Top Junk who will be performing at Charlie’s Steakhouse & Diner on both 14th & 15th February in the evening. Enjoy the set along with some of the fabulous Grills or Steaks from an extensive menu.

5. Helicopter Tour of Boracay; short but oh so thrilling! This 10 minute flight will give you a true birds eye view of Boracay; a flight that you will never forget.

Underwater Love4. Make Valentine’s unforgettable! Book a Diving Activity … & PROPOSE to your lover whilst underwater! If you have never dived before, you could book in for an Adventure Dive (the ‘taster’ session) and still make your proposal a memorable one.

Even if you’re not ready to ‘put a ring on it’ doing a diving course, is something that you can both cherish as a memorable Valentine. Check out these Diving Activities

Spa Helios' 1st Floor Treatment Room3. His and hers Luxury Spa Treatment at the tranquil Spa Helios. Spa Helios is located in the quiet neighbourhood of Bantud, at the former Swiss Ambassadors Family Home; a beautiful building in a private location, set amongst tropical trees and plants, with a cooling swimming pool

2. A Paraw Sail :- you could enjoy a four-hour sail around the island, stopping off for a beach BBQ, or book a 1 or 2 hour sail finishing at sunset. Click here to make a booking with the infamous band of Red Pirates

1. The Traditional Rout but Always Priceless:- Enjoy a Boracay Sunset from a beautiful location. Some of the favourites for couples are Wahine or Spider House at Diniwid Cove, and Kasbah or White House Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge at Station 1, and Villa Caemilla or 357 Boracay, Station 3/Angol. Stick around at any one of these and enjoy a meal.

Wahine and Spider House, are both to be found at Diniwid Cove – accessible by trike from the main road or a lovely stroll along White Beach and then round the cliff side. You will reach Wahine first which is identified by its beautiful coloured sun umbrellas. Spider House is on the end of the next cliff; continue to walk along the beach, passing in front of Nami, and then in to the depths of the cliff until you reach the steps that will take you down in to Spider House.

Kasbah ValentinesKasbah and White House Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge are both on Station 1, and directly on the beach. Each has its own unique vibe; Kasbah serves delicious Moroccan food ranging from kebab wraps through to their delicious, and infamous, Tagine’s and delicate desserts.

The White House is popular with the younger Manila crowd and has also gained a massive following for its delicious menu.

Villa Caemilla & 357Boracay can be found at the end of Station 3, another quiet section of the beach away from the noise and crowds of Station 2. Villa Caemilla went through extensive refurbishment in 2013 and its light, bright and airy restaurant is a delight to eat in, and offers a varied menu of Philippine and International cuisine, including some of the best breads on the island. Coupled with lovely sun-loungers right in front you can pass the day in a state of bliss (sun-loungers have a surcharge of 500PHP, redeemable against food and drinks, if you are not staying at the hotel).

357Boracay is a hidden gem, ssshhh! Try to keep it on the QT. Not much has been done to the façade of this hotel, which has been open for at least 15 years, and this is why it might get overlooked by the first-time traveller. But locals and returning guests know differently! It may not offer fancy culinary delights but what is offered is good quality food and healthy servings; the ribs are a taste sensation and melt off the bone and on to your tongue, and then there are the desserts …… sigh! As with Villa Caemilla, there are sun-loungers available in front of the hotel

Check the facebook pages for each for any reservation requirements.
Check out our hotels running promo’s which coincide with Valentine’s Day

Eating out – some of the newest places to eat whilst on Boracay!

Charlie’s Steakhouse & Diner is located on Boracay’s main road, just a 2 minute walk up from the top of D’Mall, and is easily spotted as there is a giant guitar hanging from the façade. (check out the link below for Exclusive discounted rates for YCL Hotel, which shares ownership with Charlie’s Steakhouse & Diner)

Charlie’s opened in June 2014 and, unsurprisingly, is owned by  a man named Charlie; a guitar fiend, and musician, who plans to open many more Charlie’s Diners across the Philippines. Charlie’s Steakhouse & Diner is managed by Michael, who is another mean musician and former bandmate of Charlie.

Charlie, owner and founder of Charlie's Steakhouse & Diner Boracay

Charlie, owner and founder of Charlie’s Steakhouse & Diner Boracay

Charlie’s Steakhouse is fast gaining a following and many have said that the diner has the atmosphere of a British pub, with its stools, high tables and leather-backed seating. There is a polished mahogany bar on one side, with an array of beers and spirits, and the opposite wall is devoted almost entirely to Charlie’s guitar collection. Charlie’s is also great for watching live sporting events, with several large LCD TV’s around, and there is usually a special deal being run in conjunction.

Imported Angus Steak

Charlie’s imported Angus Steak

The menu at Charlie’s is that of a steakhouse, including a selection of imported Angus Steaks, grills and delicious salads, as well as some great platter options for sharing, delicious pasta dishes and desserts. You really are spoilt for choice.

If you visit for a late night session, to see one of the bands performing, get a selection of dishes and ‘share share’.  Firm favourites for sharing include the Fish Fingers, Calamari, Chicken Goujon and onion rings.  But be warned you may want to order it all over again!

Charlie’s Steakhouse and Diner also boasts the best sound system on the whole island, and bands and singers from across the Philippines, are literally queuing up to perform there. Performers have included 4th Clan from Pampanga, Coffee Break Island, Stephen Lu (Rizal Underground) and Roc Docs, to name a few. There is a house band and anyone is welcome to rock up and take a turn on stage.

Stephen Lu, Michael Deniega & Ronnie Badilla

Stephen Lu & Ronnie Badilla, photo courtesy of Stephen Lu

The Jerks will be performing November 28-29th, with 10% off orders at the Steakhouse and a buy one get one drink with any food purchase.

Charlie also owns the hotel above; YCL Hotel and there is currently an EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL OFFER of Reduced Rates for bookings with arrivals up until December 23 2014, for their single and double rooms. Click here for more details about the hotel; enter your dates, number of people, select the room type and then click ‘Book Now’ to check out a great final price (put Travel Insurance to 0 first, if you don’t require it)


Los Indios Bravos Boracay

Los Indios Bravos Boracay

Los Indios Bravos was an association, in the 1890’s, made up of Filipino writers living and writing in Europe, who wanted the world to know about the terrible and cruel treatment that the Filipino’s were experiencing at the hands of the Spanish who ruled over the country.

Indeed, “Indios” was used as a derogatory term by the Spaniards towards the Filipino’s. Jose Rizal, wanted to reclaim the word as something positive and to instil national pride and he coined the phrase ‘Los Indios Bravos’, which translates as “The Brave Filipino’s”

In Boracay Los Indios Bravos translates as one of the newest eateries on the island and a classy, chic one at that. The design is reminiscent of a French Bistro or trendy restaurant in the UK, whilst remaining friendly and inviting. Everything about this restaurant screams high quality, to the furnishings and fixtures, through to the presentation of food on thick wooden platters and uniquely shaped bowls and plates.

Pork Schnitzel with fried &, frankly, the best gravy ever tasted!

Pork Schnitzel with fries & frankly, the best gravy ever tasted!

Many of the appetizers are good to share, and you may have no choice in sharing your main course as everyone wants a taste. The Pork Schnitzel comes with home cooked fries and a delicious gravy, that just cries out for fry dipping.  The Chicken Tikka Masala rivals any served in the best UK Curry Houses, and the Beef and Ale Pie disappeared in minutes! The Desserts are also divine, as is the selection of alcohol, virgin cocktails and draft beers and bitters.
Applauds and Accolades to the Executive Chef Norbert Gandler, Heather Williams and Tantan Rosal!
Los Indios Bravos is located on Bulabog Road (the road running down past the lake on the main road), at the very end and on the final corner prior to reaching the beach path.

Nice Place World Food Art Café is located just off of Bulabog Road (take a left when you reach Munchies) and has been open around 8 months. This is a hidden gem and quite a small establishment so, if you’re determined to eat there, get there early or reserve a table.

Nice Place World Art Cafe

Nice Place World Art Cafe

The tables are all locally crafted, as are the chairs, including the bamboo chairs at the front of the café, which are actually swings.

Nice Place is not just a café but also an art showcase with installations and art work from local artists, as well as ‘native’ accommodation on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
The food on offer is ‘world food’ with a local twist, the produce is sourced locally and purchased fresh each morning so, on some occasions, certain dishes may not be available.

On such occasions you could instead opt to take the ‘Chef’s Challenge’; find out what ingredients are available, select some and then challenge the chef to make you something delicious.  Be warned though; your plate will be photographed before you get to eat the created meal and immortalised on their facebook wall!

Dynamite Chili Peppers

Dynamite Chili Peppers

Firm favourites are, from the starter menu, Stuffed Dynamite Peppers; chili’s stuffed with cream cheese, coated in a beer batter, fried and serve with sweet chili sauce, and the Nice Place Caprese.

From the main menu try the Rogan Josh Curry Meatballs, they take up to 45 minutes to prepare and cook but the wait is absolutely worth it.

Adobong Manok Sa Gata (Chicken Adobe) is also delicious, along with the Schnitzel and the Pad Thai.

Long are the days when people complained about the variety of food on Boracay, there is now such variety, taste and diets catered for here that the island could soon become recognised as a gastronomic paradise!

Best Hotels for a Boracay Sunrise; Bulabog Beach!

Boracay is infamous for its White Beach; a stretch of beach on the west of the island, which measures approximately 4km, and has the softest, whitest sand imaginable.

Photo courtesy of www.windsurfasia.com

Photo courtesy of http://www.windsurfasia.com

On the East side of the island is Bulabog Beach, a coastal area which is a mecca for Wind and Kite Surfers and a fast growing alternative to the White Beach Party-scene, complemented by laid back bars and restaurants.

Being on the East of the island, accommodation here benefits from a cooling breeze, giving visitors respite from the barmy Boracay heat.  Amongst the bohemian surfer resorts, there are a number of luxurious hotels and villas. These are fitting rivals to the high-end Hotels located at Station 1, and are perfect for visitors who are looking to enjoy all that Boracay has to offer, but who want a beautiful bolt-hole from which to escape the crowds and party-scene.

Cohiba VillasSpecial Discounts of 40% off being offered here
These California-Beach House styled Villas and Apartments at Cohiba Villas, are located on the cliff side with stunning views across the whole bay of Bulabog Beach. The White buildings create a stunning, visual impact against the azure blue of a clear Boracay sky, further complimented by a large infinity pool with sun loungers and cabanas.

The Apartments at Cohiba Villas are some of the most spacious on the whole island, and are designed in such a way as to make the most of the natural sunlight that streams in through the sliding doors.Cohiba Villas Boracay The Apartments range from 1 to 3 Bedroomed, accommodating from 2-8 people respectively. All feature a fully fitted kitchen (although the resort owners are quick to point out that ‘fully fitted’ applies to the average cook and not gourmet chefs) open plan living-dining areas, with comfortable sofas and Cable TV, Wi-fi and a veranda or balcony with additional seating.

The Infinity pool, which includes a shallow pool for children, is an ideal place to relax and catch some sun rays, with gentle breezes, stylish loungers and umbrellas and a pool-side service from the serving staff, from the resorts excellent Restaurant and Bar. Set down slightly, in to the cliff side, are a couple of traditional cabanas for those who want to escape the sun whilst enjoying a delicious lunch or cocktail.

The staff service at Cohiba Villas is impeccable, with a well-trained team of people in Reception, house-keeping, maintenance, Waiting and Restaurant and Bar Staff, ready to ensure that you experience the best stay possible.

Cohiba restaurant staffWith the extra complements of a shuttle service, which runs from 8am-12 midnight, an emergency generator, 24 hour security and a 2nd Wi-Fi provider available in the restaurant, all the amenities come together to make this resort outstanding and a delightful stay.

Boracay GemsCurrently offering 25% off on their apartments for arrivals between Now and December 15 2014 these beautiful villas are located directly on Bulabog Beach, with a zen garden in front and veranda’s from which to relax and watch the kite surfing acrobatics. With the names of Ruby, Onyx, Opal and Jade, these beautiful spacious beach houses can accommodate 2-4 people and include a fully fitted kitchen, lounge diner, Master Bedroom and Loft Room.

Each is decorated in warm colours with luxurious furnishings and the ground floor villas feature sliding doors which open fully to make the most of the beautifully cooling ocean breeze.

Boracay Gems BoracayOn the beach path are two more Apartments from the Gems Family; Diamond and Sapphire. Sapphire is a studio apartment and is perfect for a couple seeking their own little nest. Diamond is set over two floors, with a loft style bedroom and a small balcony with sheltered views of the beach.

If it’s possible to have a crowning glory to these beautiful Boracay Gems Apartments and Villa’s, then it is the Emerald Premiere Villa, which is located at the prime beachfront of 7Stones Boracay.

7Stones Direct Emerald Premiere VillaEmerald Premiere Villa is the Apartment directly on the beach, with a long veranda and light, bright and spacious open plan living area and a Master Bedroom, with a king-size bed. A unique feature is a Double bed hidden in a recess in the Living room, converting it in to a villa for up to 4 people, whilst retaining the spacious feeling.

Guests staying at Emerald Premiere Villa, or the Pearl Superior Room next door to it (good for two people) have full use of the inviting 7 Stones Swimming pool, which features a pool-side bar. Guests can book this Apartment or Room at a rate that is considerably lower than other apartments in the complex.  Check them out here

Habagat on Boracay; Low Season Deals and Promo’s


You may have heard the term ‘Habagat’ and wonder what it means.  Habagat is the name given to a period of time when the winds switch to South or South Westerly, and it can arrive on Boracay from early May and last right through to mid-October.  Weather conditions during this time are generally hot and humid, with frequent rainfall and a strong breeze.  This year Habagat arrived almost ‘on time’ during the week beginning 15th June 2014.

Habagat Season is a great time to visit Boracay.  Travellers can get last minute deals and packages online and the beaches, and tours and activities, are less crowded as the ‘summer season’ is over for the local Filipino and Asian holidaymakers.

International travellers can still experience a warmer climate than their own countries, especially visitors from some of the more Northern European Countries, who tend to take their summer holidays in the months of July-September. And for those travellers from hotter countries, the Habagat breeze and rains can be a welcome relief.

Habagat on Boracay tends to be a refreshing time and whilst there may be rainy days, generally rain falls during the evening and early hours, resulting in fresh and bright days. Tall bamboo and plastic Wind Breakers begin to be erected along White Beach and those bars and restaurants, which have open frontage, will also erect breakers.  Visitors will also see a lot of activity along the beach by businesses, locals and residents alike, who use this time to clear the beach of debris brought on shore by the winds and tides, and refresh properties ready for High Season.


White Beach clears of boats and bancas, in comparison to Amihan Season, as all the boat tours and activities switch from White Beach to Bulabog Beach, on the East of the island.  This gives unparallelled views of the beach and this beautiful stretch of ocean, which is occasionally broken up by resident Kite Surfers & classes, who have moved from Bulabog Beach to White Beach during this time.

Some of the best Promo’s and Deals for Habagat Season:-

Adventure Promo for 2 People  includes Standard Accommodation for 2 people, with breakfast and two activities of your choice, from:- Jet Ski, Kayak, Fly Fish, Helmet Diving or Para-sailing.

Family Promo 3 days/4 nights  Travel Period June to 31st September 2014 includes:-

  • Standard Quad Room Accommodation for 4 people at Boracay Haven Resort, with breakfast
  • Round-Trip Airport Transfers,
  • 3 Family Activities (Helmet Diving, Zorb & Segeway, Glass-Bottom Boat Tour) and
  • a Pearl Massage for mum and dad at Spa Helios.
  • All for just 10,092PHP Per Person (£135/169 Euro’s)

2 Nights/3 days Promo for three people   Travel periods from June 1, 2014 till October 15, 2014. Package Inclusions:

  • 2 Nights/ 3 Days Standard Room Accommodation
  • Roundtrip Transfer Airport -Hotel
  • 60 minutes Segway
  • 60 minutes Bugcar
  • One go on the Zorb
  • One go on the Zipline

Boracay Ocean Club Family Deal Travel Period June – November 30 2014  Inclusions:

  • 3 Days/2 Nights accommodation in a Grand Deluxe Suite Room
  • Roundtrip Land and Boat Transfer (Caticlan-Resort-Caticlan)
  • Government Fee’s (Terminal and Environmental Fees)
  • Welcome drinks upon arrival at the resort
  • Two (2) breakfast
  • Complimentary Use of Swimming Pool


Other Blogs to check out for Kitesurfing in Boracay:-







2nd Boracay International Dance Festival; May 8-11 2014

dan Boracay will shortly host the Boracay International Dance Festival.  This is the 2nd Year that this 4-day Festival will take place, and the organisers are confident that it will be even more popular than last years event.

Lessons take place throughout the day,

The Dance Festival is taking place from May 8-11 2014 and will be held at Casa Pilar Beach Resort, White Beach Station 3.  Casa Pilar is an ideal venue being large enough to host the classes, performances and evening parties and also having direct beachfront access.

For other hotel options near to the venue, check-out this link to Station 3 Hotels

The Dance Festival includes Dance Workshops, Professional Dance Performances, live bands and renowned Dance DJ’s, as well as Evening Parties and the opportunity to learn from some of the best dance instructors from around the World!

Edwin Rivera

Edwin Rivera

Junior & Emily Alabi

Junior & Emily Alabi performing at the 2013 Boracay International Dance Festival

Instructors and Performers include:-

  •     Edwin Rivera
  •     Junior & Emily Alabi
  •     Romeo Navarro
  •     Ben Benidictos
  •     Raymund Gerard
  •     Orson Brando
  •     DJ Crazy Joe & DJ Jonathan Picayo
  •     Nancy & Jitendra, India
  •     Prodigy Mambo, Philippines
  •     Velocity X Dance Crew, Philippines
  •     Nancy & Bright, India
  •     Freestylers Dance Crew, Philippines
  •     Tova & John from Nuroc Dance Company, Australia
  •     Celyna Lala Rosiles & Rafael Rhythm Hoskin, USA
  •     CocoTiki, USA
  •     Canberra Latin Project, Australia

Participants can book for the full 4 Days & Nights Pass, for a Saturday or a Sunday Festival Pass, a Pass for the 4 Evening Dance Class, Performances and Parties and for the opening night; the Thursday Night Breaking Salsa Boracay Kick-off Party.

Evening Dance Classes and Parties

Evening Dance Classes and Parties

Boracay locals and Philippine Residents can contact prodigymambo@ymail.com.    Phone: 0917-2334-1231 to purchase tickets and to obtain the local discount rate with our unique Discount code: BORACAYTRVL

Ssshh! The Delights of Angol, Boracay

Boracay has, quite possibly, one of the best beaches in the World, and the World is starting to hear about it!

So where do you go, if you want to visit Boracay and be close to, or on the beach, but you don’t want to be amongst the crowds or staying in ‘party central’….. ssshhhh!  Keep this very, very quiet … but Angol is the place to visit.

Taken in front of Angol Point Resort

Taken in front of Angol Point Resort

Angol is the last stretch of White Beach, after Station 3 and, so far, has been left untouched by the large beach front resorts that dominate Stations 1 & 2.

It has its own, delightful ambiance and laid back charm.

Relax and lie back, soak up the sun, do some snorkeling, get a massage from the amazing blind masseuse, who will unfurl tensions you didn’t even know you had. Have a sleep, get some food and an ice cold drink, and repeat as required.

Ahoy! Me Hearties

Ahoy, me hearties – grab a drink at Red Pirates

Whilst Angol is quieter, there are still plenty of options for places to eat and order drinks including Cowboys Cantina, Conga’s,  Surfside’s Nagisa Cafe which offers a pick & mix menu of items at 100PHP each, Treehouse and the famous Red Pirates which during high season, often run a Friday evening BBQ (with a delicious Banana Heart Salad), along with regular acoustic nights and their Paraw sailing tours, which can be booked all year round.

Angol also has some little snorkeling spots, some of which are very close to the shore, obviously you won’t see as much in terms of corals and marine life as you would if you took a diving excursion, but you can still amuse yourself gentle paddling around.  These spots tend to be even further down the beach but less than a 10 minute walk from the bars and restaurants.

The Marzon Beach Resort

The Marzon Beach Resort

One, unassuming hotel, just a 5 minute gentle stroll from Angol, is The Marzon Resort which offers a range of rooms.

Our favourites are the Deluxe Garden View Rooms, which are spacious and bright with a large, queen-sized bed, bedside tables and lamps, crisp white bedding and modern furnishings, as well as a wall-mounted Cable flat-screen TV.  The bathrooms are a good size, with a powerful hot & cold shower, as well as a separate outside area for hanging and drying your swimming costumes.

Each of the Deluxe Garden View rooms have a small outside area, with a bench and chairs.  Breakfast is included in the rates and is Filipino or Continental.  You can choose to eat this in the area outside of your room, or in front of the small cafe area, which serves snacks, drinks and very good coffee until late at night, and which has great views of the beach.