Cruising the Philippines

The Philippines has welcomed scheduled cruises with a number of Cruise Line Companies in the last few years, giving world travellers more ways to visit and see this beautiful country.


Boracay Island Cruises

Cruise line passengers get a brief window for whistle-stop tours of destinations such as Boracay and Puerto Princesa in Palawan, but often find they are discouraged from booking tours outside of those offered by the Cruise Companies, with warnings of ships not waiting for late boarding guests, tour operators being unreliable or uninsured etc.


So how hard is it, to book outside of the Cruise Line’s own Tour Offerings?

Really not that difficult at all!

The Cruises are visiting destinations, with established tourism, tours and activities and it’s as simple as advising the tour operator, in advance of the arrival and departure times, to ensure guests are returned in time to board. and have been offering bespoke tours for Cruise Guests for 2 years already.

Sometimes bookings are made by whole families, or by a group of cruise goers who post in the many Cruise Line Forums, inviting others wanting to take tours, to join their group and share the Tour Cost.

Even with dockings at 9am and departures at 5pm, there is sufficient time available for a Private, bespoke Tour to the Underground River, or Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa.  Or to have a range of tours or activities arranged for them, such as a Paraw Sail, Parasail or Helmet Diving on Boracay.

Helmet Diving with

Helmet Diving – Boracay


Puerto Princesa Underground River tour palawan

Underground River Tour – Puerto Princesa

The benefits to the Cruise Guests is they can organise something that they truly want to do, and they can also talk to people who are ‘on the ground’ and able to put them in touch with local restaurants for pre-booked lunch tables, rather than the limited range of activities and options offered by the Cruise Line.  Often at a more reasonable price too.

In addition, the guests can be assured that they are contributing more to the local economy and can enjoy activities that others may not have the opportunity to do.



Paraw Sailing off Boracay

How to go about booking tours and activities:

  • Tell us how many people are in the booking, whether they are established friends or family, or people you have pulled together through chats on the Cruise Forums.
  • Check out our Tours Pages and and see what is on offer, at least one month before your arrival.
  • Email us through the ‘Customise it’ button on the tour page, with your date and time of arrival, disembarking and departure time.
  • We can wait for you to gather more people via the Forum, if you want to make your tour cheaper, and then will email them a separate payment request.
  • We will then collect details, such as Names, Dates of Birth and Nationalities if this is required for particular tours
  • We can also add in the cost for snorkels and masks, for particular tours, so you don’t have to worry about that on the day
  • Once paid and confirmed, we will send you a Booking Voucher and an email, with all the information that you need and will be on hand to answer your questions.

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