Halloween on Boracay 2014

So, once again Boracay is preparing for Halloween and, each year, the party’s get bigger and the costumes get crazier.

Until around 5-6 years ago Halloween was barely celebrated at all on the island. In fact the only parties and costumes to be found was amongst the ex-pat communities.

Now the majority of hotels celebrate Halloween. For some it may be limited to decorating their Reception or Restaurant area, for others it may include a special meal, a fancy dress competition or parade and games for the children.

NEWSFLASH!! – Special Promo being offered specifically to us at YCL Hotel Boracay, the newest, funkiest hotel on Boracay

Whats on the Menu? Beach Buffet at Boracay Regency

Whats on the Menu?
Beach Buffet at Boracay Regency

What is Halloween?

Halloween is a night celebrated on 31st October, also known as All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve, as the 1st of November is All Saints Day.  All Saints Day is a day dedicated to remembering the dead, including Saints (or Hallows), Martyrs and beloved family members, across the World.

Halloween is traditionally believed to have been a Pagan Festival (Gaelic Samhain), which became Christianised. Samhain marked the end of the harvest period for crops and the start of winter, or the ‘Dark Period’ in pre-Christian Britain and Europe. Samhain was believed to be a time when Spirits and Fairies could cross more easily in to the living world. To protect themselves from being taken back to the Spirit/Underworld people would dress up as spirits to disguise themselves, they would light bonfires and would also offer food and drink to the spirits to appease them and pay, in advance, for healthy crops the next year.

Today’s Halloween is very different, and whilst many cultures still see families visiting their Family mausoleums or grave sites to spend All Saints Day with passed family members, Halloween has become a night for parties and Trick or Treating.

Costumes are inventive and are no longer just scary or macabre; on Boracay groups of friends often choose a theme for their costumes which have included a Scout Troop, Avatar and Swan Lake!

halloween1 P1080320

You can see these groups walking up and down the beach path, stopping to pose for photos with tourists and locals, or at the big clubs which run special Halloween Nights; Juice Bar, Epic, Summerplace, Club Paraw and Guilly’s Island


Parades & Trick or Treating

Many of the Schools, and some of the hotels, now organise Beach Parades for the children on the island.  The parades usually include stop-offs at various beach front establishments and bars, where party games like ‘Bobbing for Apples’ are waiting.

Trick or Treating is left to the children and when asked ‘Trick or Treat?’, you can opt to give them some candy or ask for a ‘Trick’.  A trick may take the form of a short dance, a magic trick, a song or talent OR it might be a water pistol, or flour, or something that will make you jump.

NEWSFLASH!! – Special Promo being offered specifically to us at YCL Hotel Boracay, the newest, funkiest hotel on Boracay

After all those scares and all that partying, you’ll want to find somewhere safe and sound to rest your head and recover.  So Check out these great accommodation deals, which are available for the Halloween Period:-

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Boracay Ocean Club Family Package

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