Palawan Hotels – Puerto Princesa, what to do and where to stay

Palawan is often referred to as ‘the last frontier’; an exotic tourist destination with untouched islands, limestone cliffs, forest jungles, coral reefs and majestic mountains, teeming with wild life.  Palawan is a real treasure chest for visitors, offering lots to see and do.

Big Lagoon El Nido, Elephant Mountain Puerto Princesa & Sabang

Big Lagoon El Nido, Elephant Mountain Puerto Princesa & Sabang






Puerto Princesa is the capitol, a ‘city in the forest’ and has been acclaimed as the Cleanest & Greenest City in the Philippines; just 10 minutes away from the airport and you can be in a quiet area, surrounded by trees, and peace and quiet.

Whilst in Puerto Princesa there are lots to do, aside from visiting its most famous land-mark the Underground River  Whilst visitors, still need to pre-book (sometimes months in advance) for a tour, it remains a whole day excursion, with a 2 hour drive to Sabang, a wait for the permits to be issued and boat number to be assigned, then waiting at the entrance for your paddle boat.

Other Tours and Activities include a tour of Honda Bay, and its surrounding islands and the City Tour, which includes a visit to Baker’s Hill, with its bakery shop and colourful gardens, and the Binuatan Weaving Creations workshop, where you can purchase many of the items directly.  For those looking for a bit of action Irawan Eco Adventure Park is great fun, and boasts the longest zipline in Asia.  Although, in truth, it is not one continuous zipline but several sections, through the tree canopies and across rivers, and great fun none the less!  There is also a Skywalk, Butterfly Farm and Carabao Ride and a stop off for lunch.

Skywalk, Zipline & Carabao Ride on the Irawan Eco Adventure Tour

Skywalk, Zipline & Carabao Ride on the Irawan Eco Adventure Tour

Currently, there are a number of hotels and Pension Houses in Puerto Princesa that are running special offers.  These include:-

  • A&A Plaza, is located on the National Highway and is close to the Mall and other shops and restaurants.  Offering as much as 40-50% off on certain room types
  • Casa Mila Inn, one of the newest establishments, family owned, just 15 rooms and already making a name for itself. Offering a 5-10% discount
  • Cecilia’s Inn, is a modern property with a Victorian-style design. Located in the quiet area of Bancao-Bancao, Cecilia’s Inn is just 3 minutes by trike from the airport and from some of Puerto Princesa’s top Restaurants.
  • Hotel Fleuris, is another modern hotel with a swimming pool, 40 Rooms and 7 Suites, and disabled accessible rooms.  Currently offering a 15% discount for bookings between March & December 2014

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