Kiteboarding On Boracay

Photo courtesy of Boracay Photographer, Lhen Brutton

Photo courtesy of Boracay Photographer, Lhen Brutton

 Boracay is fast becoming a must-do destination for Kiteboarders and Windsurfers.

It’s a growing trend but many of those, ‘in the know’, have been visiting Boracay for almost 10 years, specifically for the Kiteboarding Season, which runs from October through to May.

Amihan (a period of cool NorthEast Winds) typically arrives on Boracay around the end of October, this is when the winds switch direction and provide conditions that are perfect for Wind and Kite Surfing, on Bulabog Beach.  Perfect conditions can hold out until the start of June but typically begin to reduce from the beginning of May as the Habagat season (West or South West Winds) arrives.

During Habagat Season, Kiteboarding Schools and enthusiasts switch their activities to White Beach, but conditions are not always great and tourists will never see the same numbers of surfers on White Beach, that they will on Bulabog Beach during Amihan.

There are a number of competitions held annually on Boracay, with competitors coming from across the world to compete.

The ICTSI Philippine Kiteboarding Tour, is held in early January with Free Style, Twin-tip Race and Hang Time Categories for men and women.

Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA), Round 3, is taking place on 19th – 23rd February on Bulabog Beach Boracay, with Freestyle, Twin-Tip and RB Class Racing as well as some open sessions for the ‘Groms’ or ‘Grommits ‘; kids.

Lessons  There are plenty of Kitesurfing Schools on Boracay and lessons cost around 6,500php per 3 hour lesson, and include IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) certification.  Hangin’ Kiteboarding Centre also offers a Discover Course at 3,000php for one and a half hours of tuition, for the absolute beginner.

On rare occasions one of the many schools may have IKO Instructor’s training with them and during these times it is sometimes possible to get a free taster session with these future Instructors.  It is worth asking around but don’t count on it being available.

Check out the following, for lessons:

Freestyle Academy Kitesurfing

Mango Riders Beach Club

Hangin’ Kiteboarding Centre

Accommodation: Whilst Bulabog Beach tends to be quieter, and is 10 minutes away from the party centre of Boracay’s White Beach at Station 2, it stills has its own unique, laid back scene with a number of bars and small restaurants catering specifically to the surfing crowd.  There are also a lot of hotels on, or close to, the beach offering basic through to high end accommodation, along with storage or hire centres for visiting kiteboarders.

Check out some of the these hotels on Bulabog Beach


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